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Search our database of candidates with a simple keyword search and quickly narrow down results to candidates meeting your criteria. Connect via email or the network and download resumes with one click.

Local Resume Access
Starting at: $495
  • Search by specific keyword (any, all, exact)
  • Employment type (full-time, part-time, seasonal)
  • Distance from your main office location
  • 200 resume views per day
  • 30 day access for $495.00
  • Annual access for $2,995.00
National Resume Access
30 Day Access: $2995

Need to recruit across the country? Enjoy all the same features of our Local Resume Access product and have access to candidates from all 200+ LocalHires sites. $2995 for 30 day access and 1000 views per day - a savings of more than 80% when you purchase National Access instead of buying local sites individually.

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